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Quadrone display

installation, Florence, 2018

Quadrone is a project by Internotredici Associati (C. Bimbi, G. Ferrara, N. Gioacchini), a design studio that operated from the late 60’ to the early 80’, regarded as one of the most relevant at the time.
This piece is one of their most bold and iconic design, a sofa that could turn into a bed with a simple system, with a completely abstract appearance and without decorations.
It belongs to a period, the early 70’, where in Italy and especially in Florence, the movement of Radical Architecture was flourishing, with the intention of questioning early conusmerist society through architecture, art and design. In a way Quadrone was Internotredici’s radical proposal for a new way of living the home, eliminating the distinction between furnitures, rooms and functions.

The set is divided into two spaces: one is completely white, with a small limbo, an abstract non-space, the other is a reproduction of a living room done with OSB wood, to give a feel of materality and ephemerality. The intention was to tell how Quadrone touches both the abstract and intellectual realm, and the tangible one of every day life.

Set designed with the studio Carlo Bimbi Design in 2018 for the re-edition of the Quadrone.